Morning Grumpiness

I am intrigued by three kinds of people. Stupid people, beautiful people and serial killers. I actually think I can understand serial killers the best of the three. I can understand the desire to kill someone. Especially beautiful and stupid people. Yes. I was woken up by a conventionally beautiful and stupid person. My housemate. I am a comedian. I have done more than 600 gigs and most of them were to more than 10 people. Which means, I have heard more than 6000 people laugh. And I have never heard anyone laugh louder or more obnoxiously than my housemate. It goes through walls. It goes through earplugs. He laughs more than the average comedian (once or twice a week). He laughs once or twice a second. I know this guy and I know, there is nothing funny about being him. He does comedy as well. I saw him do a set. He had a new joke. He was annoyed that the foxes in our garden were too loud. Too. Loud. He. Was. Annoyed.

I. Can’t. Even…

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